Episode 23 Research Comments, book review, stuff!

Hey there,

Welcome to episode 23 where we talk about reader research comments, Kaffe Fasset, catalogs, a book review of Unbroken and lots of other quilty goodness!

The next research question is as follows:

Tell me your favorite quilt related book or book series, the author and why you love it!

Contact me at sewsandi8@yahoo.com

visit my website....http://www.quiltcabanapatterns.com

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  • Terje

    I loved your product reviews. I always do. And congratulations on deciding to dust off that embroidery machine. Katie R. got me hooked on machine embroidery as well. As for embroidery patterns, do look at some of the online resources. I find really inexpensive yet beautiful patterns on several sites. Check out Bunnycup Embroidery and Fiver Star Fonts to get you started. I believe both sites even offer a lot of totally free, retired designs which is a great way to test drive their designs. Terje (sounds like Teri)

    Nov 5, 2012 at 2:21 pm