Episode 25 - Reader Comments and Lot of Other Stuff!

Hello there,

Join me for episode #25 where we read the podcast research results and chat about all those fun quilty things we like!

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Happy Quilting!


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  • Torie

    Enjoyed your episode as always. I do love me some vendors. At the Hershey PA show, I took my son and daughter. DS was advised by the staff that he was the CEO, since he has to Carry Everything Out. He was amused.

    All the best.

    Dec 8, 2012 at 9:14 am
  • Cheryl

    Hi Sandi, I am doing some catch ups on my favorite pod casts while my sewing room is empty and awaiting new carpet…not only will I have lovely clean flooring but putting everything back will also give me a chance to do some reorganizing, I was shocked at how much ’stuff’ I have accumulated and some of it I had forgotten I had.Like so many crafters I am reluctant to throw anything away in case it is precisely the very item needed to enhance..complete.. or begin a new project. As to your question for the next podcast I would like to suggest that a beginner class would benefit hugely from being shown how to understand and use the markings on quilting rulers. This will probably amuse the majority of your listeners but from experience as a new quilter it can be very confusing as to how to cut a block using a square ruler with so many different sizes and lines on it. Not only square rulers either, then there is the way we left handers have to place the ruler in order to do the cutting. Sometimes a few basic lessons which may be blindingly obvious to those more experienced can make all the difference as to whether the learner will feel confident enough to go home and put in to practice what they have been shown as against struggling on and maybe giving up because they are too embarrassed to admit they just don’t understand the method. Some of us are very quick to learn and others go at a slower pace and a good tutor will accept that. Thank you for asking for suggestions, it will be interesting to hear what other listeners would consider important for a beginners class.

    Dec 17, 2012 at 12:38 am